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Why Backing Up is Essential: The Top Five Benefits to Data Backup

Why Backing Up is Essential: The Top Five Benefits to Data Backup

By RossBackup (506 words) | Posted in Common Sense on July 09, 2014

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There are times in life when having a backup not only serves as peace of mind, but also as a tool for continued success. For instance, when sky diving you probably want a backup parachute for those “just in case” scenarios. While losing your data may not feel as catastrophic as launching yourself out of a plane without a spare parachute, it can be detrimental to both your personal and professional life.

1. Quick Access to Files

One of the greatest things about backing up data is the ease at which you are able to retrieve files and information. When you back up data, you have the ability to access specific files in seconds. If using a cloud storage system, you not only have quick access to data, but you are able to access this data from any location with an Internet connection. 

2. Protection Against Power Failures

Sometimes, your computer is susceptible to damage that is beyond your control. Whether it is an extreme storm or a random blackout, power outages have the potential to demolish the hard drive of your computer. Regularly backing up, or allowing a system to back up, your data ensures that you need not worry about power issues resulting in the loss of your important information.

3. Added Anti-Virus Protection

Undoubtedly you are aware of the havoc that Internet viruses can wreak on your computer. Unfortunately, the amount of and devastation caused by viruses continues to grow and if affected, all of your documents and files may be permanently destroyed within a few hours time. Of course using an anti-virus software is one way to help eliminate or lessen the risk of threats caused by viruses, but performing routine backups on your files is an added measure of security against the threat of Internet viruses.

4. Safeguard Against Failed Hard Drive

The number of reasons that a hard drive may fail are vast and varied. Some hard drives begin to malfunction when certain parts become worn or otherwise damaged. Additionally, not all hard drives simply crash instantaneously, some hard drives erode gradually over a longer period of time. It does not matter whether your hard drive falls victim to the popular head crash or if parts of the hard drive become defective in a gradual succession because the result is the same in both instances, data loss.

5. Recovery if Operating System Fails

The majority of computer crashes are caused due to OS failures and there are numerous reasons that your OS may crash. Some operating systems fail due to improperly allocating memory space while others may fail as a result of software corruption or multiple application errors that compound over time. A backup is incredibly efficient when it comes to keeping your information in the event of an OS crash.

Because you rely on your computer and the data stored within for so much, doesn't it make sense to do all you can to protect your data? Let us assist you in insuring your data against the potential threats to your information.

Comments (13)

Rockford posted on: September 7, 2016

I learned a lot about data backup services by reading this article. It was cool to learn that data backup services helps to add protection against viruses. I hope that I can remember this article if I ever run a company.

jhhgfntbtf posted on: October 25, 2019


Chika ngongola posted on: March 28, 2020

Thanks for the important information if possible hit my inbox for further teachings thank you once again

maria posted on: September 18, 2020

Thank you so much...I am a student and the data I got from this website is much more than what I had expected. Keep up with the good work

re posted on: September 18, 2020

who is joe

Wayne Walker posted on: June 28, 2021

Data back up save everyones time. It has been efficient on everyones lives especially in this times.

wayne walker posted on: June 29, 2021

By the way, I shared this to my colleagues. Great work!

Wayne walker posted on: June 29, 2021

Data recovery is unevitable. It doesn’t happen to you know doesn’t happen to you anymore. Better your files safe than sorry! It will make you save a lot more time.

Wayne Walker posted on: July 12, 2021

Data protection is the important aspect of daily goals of a company. It saves everyones time and effort! And thank you to this article for the info on how to properly back up your files.

IT Infrastructure Setup posted on: September 15, 2022

You've written it so nicely, and you've come up with some great ideas. This is a fantastic post!

The random guy posted on: October 22, 2022


Elina Brooks posted on: January 10, 2023

I work as an architect, and since most of our building plans now are made digitally, I need backup and disaster recovery plans on our devices to ensure we don't lose our client's data and the design plans we have created. I'm glad you assured us that we won't have to worry about losing information because of power failures if we regularly back up our data. I'll be sure to bear this in mind and get an IT solutions company to help us out soon.

Uloho Bright posted on: March 17, 2023

Thanks a lot for sharing this post as it comes with a lot of details.

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