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Why Your External Hard Drive Won’t Save You

Why Your External Hard Drive Won’t Save You

By RossBackup (542 words) | Posted in Data Backup Tips on October 05, 2015

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Susan’s insurance company paid out a handsome amount after the fire. She would be able to replace the house, the furniture and all the physical things. All the files for the project that she was working on, however, and the precious videos and photographs of her daughter were gone for good. She had purchased the external hard drive that her husband insisted on ‘to protect their files in case something should happen.’ Well something did happen – a raging fire and it took everything, including that hard drive.

Does this story sound familiar to you? Although every computer user knows to backup their computer files, most people rarely (if ever) backup their data. If they do, they use external hard drives, which can give you some extra storage space if you need more than what comes on your device; however, external hard drives won’t save you in localized events, like theft or natural disasters like flood or fire.

There are many reasons to use cloud storage instead of external hard drives. Here are 3 reasons why cloud backup is better than external hard drive backup.


Depending on the amount of storage that you need, using an online cloud backup service can be more cost effective than purchasing an external hard drive. The cloud offers access to virtually unlimited storage space, as well as a very high level of security that you cannot get from external hard drives.

Protection from localized threats

More and more people are choosing to use cloud-based backup services for their files and documents. Storing your files in the cloud means that they will be protected from local threats, such as power surges, hard drive failures, theft, viruses, floods or fires.

Both your computer and your external hard drive can be destroyed by fire or flood and a thief is also likely to take both if they break into your home or office. The cloud eliminates these threats to your files and gives you peace of mind, because you know that your information is safe and protected from these types of threats.


Most cloud backup services also use encryption technology to secure your files from third party access. You won’t have to take the time and trouble to encrypt the files yourself or put any other security measures in place as the cloud provider will do this for you.

People who don’t have your permission to access your files will not be able to view them. This is another security feature that you can get from the cloud but not from your external hard drive – it can’t save you from unwanted access to your files.

Use cloud backup instead of an external hard drive

While your hard drive may seem like a good option for storing your files, the fact is that it won’t save you. Even if you were able to physically keep it with you all the time, your files will still be at risk from local threats. It is important to back up your files using the most secure option available. The cloud offers a safe place for you to store as many files as you desire. Cloud backup will keep your memories and important documents protected for as long as you want. That kind of security is priceless.

Comments (3)

Bob posted on: July 18, 2017

Cloud backup is more reliable than any local storage backup.

You can access your data from anywhere.

External drive is not reliable solution and data can be lost easely.

If you have Cloud backup you never need data recovery services.

ensure data integrity posted on: December 11, 2017

Nice blog, its very important to back up our data in a proper way. It must capable of recovering data from any time of adverse situation. Thanks for posting.

Rob S. posted on: December 16, 2020

I definitely can attest to the benefits of cloud storage, from its versatility to its affordability. However, I wouldn't recommend businesses do away with physical storage entirely, especially in areas where internet and connectivity tend to be spotty.

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