• Jeff Stanzer

    Scranton P.A.

    The speed of RossBackup is just amazing! I backed up over 600 GB in under 1 week! Most impressive!
  • Alisya Rivers

    Albany N.Y.

    I've been using RossBackup for 6 months and I could not be happier. It's easy, user friendly, and well worth the price.
  • Rebecca Westin


    I purchased a VIP package to keep my pictures organized. My kids and I have been using it non-stop and we are thrilled. Thank You!
  • Cindy Tepfer

    Austin TX

    I've used 3 different programs to back up my computer and they slowed my computer down. My Church recommended RossBackup, and it's been amazing. 
  • Alan Winder PHD

    Queens, NY

    As a clinical psychologist, I rely heavily on RossBackup to keep my information backed up securely and easily accessible. The status bar keeps me informed and I love the mobile app. (516) 345-0456
  • Jim Pedroia

    Aberdeen, MD

    I’ve always procrastinated when it came to Backing up my computer.  After a close friend lost her files, I purchased the Gold RossBackup package and I love its ease of use! 
  • James Skaley

    Cleveland OH

    I must say that I am very impressed with RossBackup.  It really is simple to install and easy to use, and my computer is 100% backed up!
  • Charles Septimus


    After seeing a friend transfer his files easily from his phone, this was a no brainer!
  • Sora F.


    Switching from my previous Backup Company was a no brainer! I have real unlimited backup, and anywhere access. When I was in the U.K. I was able to access all the files I needed without having to worry about losing a USB key. Great Product and I only pay 5 dollars a month!
  • Jason T.

    New York

    I'm not sure how I survived before RossBackup. My life is so much easier with all my information at my fingertips. My iPhone doesn't even tell me it's full anymore!
  • Perel H.


    Just wanted to let you know what a great customer support team you have! I sent an email with a question and I got a call back within minutes! Since then I am hooked and I cannot believe what a great customer service team you have! Always answering emails and chats quickly and efficiently and right on target as well! Could not be better! Thanks! 
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