About RossBackup

Founded by IT Security Expert Aaron Ross, RossBackup is the company you can trust to keep your data safe. And we take this job very seriously. There are so many ways you could lose your computer data: theft, hard drive failure, power failure, computer virus, lost smartphone, need we go on? With all these risks, why take any chances?

We’re the company that can save you from this.

RossBackup works quickly and quietly behind the scenes to make sure that every file that is important to you is protected. All of your computer data – including your files, spreadsheets, pictures, music, and movies – will be protected under our system and can be accessed anywhere and anytime you want it. As for the amount of data you can back up – how does unlimited sound to you?

We’re not superheroes. But we’re pretty close.

What We Believe In

In one word: awesome. And we mean that in all senses of the word.

We believe in providing awesome backup service that can store an impressive (read: unlimited) amount of data, one that’s so inexpensive it’s almost unbelievable. We can’t promise to take the worries out of your life, but we can promise to take the worries out of your backup.

We believe in being awesome. We believe in being a little out-of-the-box, because that’s often where we come up with most of our successful ideas.

Most importantly though, we believe that your days matter and that they should be remembered. If you stick with us, they will be, which is pretty awesome. 

What Differentiates Us from Other Computer Backup Services?

Unlike every other backup company that touts its excellent customer service, we’re telling you the truth when we say that our support staff is truly phenomenal.

We love what we do – like borderline obsessive with computer backup, which is a good thing for you, because that means that we will do whatever it takes to solve your computer backup struggles.

We have 24/7 customer support, so in the eventuality that you run into a problem at 2AM, rest assured that we’ll be awake and more than happy to help you out.

The RossBackup Promise

We’ve built our business on the promise of accountability and trust. We hold ourselves fully responsible for keeping your data safe. 

Let’s Be Friends

You’re one quick installation away from safeguarding all of your precious data. So what are you waiting for? Back up now!

Still not sold? Try us out – for free! Pretty awesome, right?

RossBackup. We’ve got your Backup.

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