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What Exactly is the “Cloud”?

What Exactly is the “Cloud”?

By RossBackup (567 words) | Posted in Data Backup Tips on October 27, 2015

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Many people have huge misconceptions about what the Cloud is, which can lead to potentially dangerous situations when it comes to your data and personal information. Before sharing and uploading your information to the Cloud, it’s a good idea to understand what the Cloud is and what that means to you.

Here’s some information about the Cloud that will help you best utilize it while keeping your data secure.

So what exactly is the Cloud?

In order to understand what the “Cloud” is, you must first understand that it’s not this metaphorical entity. In actuality, the Cloud is a physical infrastructure – think a network of servers around the world that serves to store and deliver your data.

Think of the Cloud like one huge external hard drive, except instead of carrying your hard drive around, you need only the Internet in order to gain access to your data.

To make it simple to understand, imagine you take a picture on your phone. That picture is stored in your phone’s internal memory. However, once you upload that online – say to Flickr – you’re actually uploading it to the Cloud.

What are the benefits of using the Cloud to store your information?

Many people don’t bother purchasing external hard drives, and even if they do, a vast majority don’t regularly backup their information. However, failure to backup becomes a huge problem when your computer crashes or is damaged, because then all the important data stored in your computer (and only in your computer) is lost forever.

This is when using the Cloud can benefit you the most.

If you backup your information to the Cloud, you can restore all of your prior information onto the new hard drive. Therefore, regardless of whether your computer crashed, you bought a new device, or you simply want to view your information anywhere, the Cloud enables you to easily access your data.

What data can you backup?

Depending on how much storage space you have in your Cloud backup plan, you can back up as many or as little data as you want. This can include photographs, music, videos, and any other documents you have on your device.

Who benefits from using Cloud backup?

Anyone with data to lose can benefit from the Cloud.

For example, many businesses use the Cloud for professional reasons. By having documents and data stored in the Cloud, professionals can access their information on other devices in different locations other than the office. This is ideal for those who travel consistently or for people who do the majority of their work online. Utilizing the cloud for your business needs can free up room on your hard drive for other projects and also cut down on the time needed to devote to projects.

Fast growing and large businesses use the Cloud to enhance and expand their businesses, and many businesses have even gone so far as to hire cloud professionals to help secure and organized their data and information.

Are you ready to back up your data to the Cloud?

Regardless of whether you’re a business professional looking to protect your valuable data assets , a photographer needing to protect your work, or simply someone looking to safeguard against data loss, Cloud backup is greatly beneficial.

Whether you are interested in backing up your favorite photos and music, or if you are looking to improve your business processes, cloud backup is an option definitely worth looking into.

Comments (4)

geeksonrepair posted on: January 26, 2016

Great blog with useful topic.I always prefer clod storage to backup my business data.

Online Computer Repair

Gravity System posted on: January 13, 2017

Excellent blog. This blog has a lot of information regarding my needs. I’ll defenately put it to good use.

Raichel Simon posted on: August 3, 2017

These days data backup or recovery is our first priority because without data we can't do anything.....This blog is really help to understand everything about benefits of cloud to store.

Rob S. posted on: October 20, 2020

I strongly believe that cloud storage is essential. After all, it provides access to data from any location, though security must be set in place to ensure that the network performs well.

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