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How to Get The Most Out of Your Small Business Cloud Storage

How to Get The Most Out of Your Small Business Cloud Storage

By RossBackup (548 words) | Posted in Small Business Backup on April 14, 2015

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If you want to know how the Cloud can help your small business, start thinking of it less like a storage unit and more like a shipping company. What the USPS does for does for shipping, the Cloud can do for you.

Connecting your small business devices and information to the Cloud will give you the ability not only to access it anywhere at any time but it also makes it easy for you to send files and information across staff and clients regardless of where you are. You want to make your job easier for yourself and your staff, and we’re here to help you do just that by getting the most out of your small business cloud storage.

Minimize Costs and Maximize Space

First and foremost, using the cloud will eliminate your need for large servers. This not only completely drops the expensive price tag on those servers but it also reduces the power bills and storage space required to house and run that hardware. With the cloud, you can upload files directly and store them there for as long as you need without clogging valuable office space.

You and your staff can also access these files any time, just as they would on an antiquated server, without having to plug into the business server or even be in the office. With different Cloud packages available, your business can choose to use a metered version so that you only pay for the amount of space you’re using.

Increase Security

The Cloud is ideal for protecting your information as well. With regular software updates, protection services increase in strength and reduce your need to manage security on your own. Reduce the risk of hackers and viruses by taking advantage of the many off-site back-up services available to you.

Many will even offer packages that cater to small business, giving you superb protection without hurting your bank account. Ross Backup can protect your information for as little as $9/mo with premium access to a mobile app that makes it even easier for you to access your information on the go.

Easy Collaboration

The Cloud makes it possible for you and your business partners to converse, exchange info, and work off site and out of the office if necessary. This ability to go mobile makes the Cloud perfect for small business owners who are always on the go.

Being able to access the Cloud from anywhere will make it easier for you to connect with long-distance clients, share files with staff in order to get work done quickly, and even allow you to work from home if you have a family. Because the Cloud has more space than a typical email account or server, you will be able to send large files across your staff and clients without having to send multiple emails or use excessive harddrives or zipdisks.

Start using cloud storage for your small business

The Cloud can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection, opening you and your small business up to more opportunities to grow and expand. You won’t be limited by oversized servers, and regardless of distance you will be able to communicate with important clients and staff members. Take advantage of the Cloud today and see how easy it is to protect your information, collaborate with your team, and maximize your profits.

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