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How to Choose the Best Professional Cloud Backup Plan

How to Choose the Best Professional Cloud Backup Plan

By RossBackup (601 words) | Posted in Small Business Backup on September 04, 2015

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Whether you’re running your own business online or you just want to store your entire music collection off-site, the Cloud is there to work with you so choose the best professional Cloud backup plan for your data. But how do you know if you have the best plan?

By comparing prices, space capacity, and security, you’ll be able to find the best cloud backup plan for your needs without the headache.

Check the Space

What are your backup needs? Do you need Cloud space to grow with your business, or do you need a specific amount of space for home photo albums and music? When you know exactly how you’re going to use the Cloud, you’ll be better able to decide how much space you need.

Different backup plans offer different space usage depending on your needs, with some plans offering unlimited space that gives you the opportunity to grow. For example, services like Dropbox and Google offer up to 15GB of space for free to their users, but once this space is filled, there is no going back. On the other hand, professional Cloud backup plans that you subscribe to offer up a little more space.

Cut the Price

For more space and more access, you may have to pay more money for Cloud backup. Free services online can give you a little space to start out with, but if you are an entrepreneur and looking to secure gigs and gigs of data, you will need more backup than what you can get for free. This is where price comes into play.

However, just because you are looking for a professional cloud backup plan does not mean you need to pay exorbitant prices. Look for backup plans that offer tiers of service for different prices so you can find the one that best fits the backup needs of your business. There’s no point paying a huge sum of money every month if you aren’t going to use all of the backup services, so seek out a plan that fits your needs without any of the extra fluff.

For example, RossBackup offers three different cloud backup plans in order to insure that our clients are getting exactly what they need without breaking their budget.

Get the Security

One of the main reasons you are searching for professional Cloud backup is for the strength of the security. Protecting your data and your identity is integral to your backup services, and the more professional the service, the more secure their plans. Security is a huge concern for many Cloud users, so when you look for your plan, look for ones that manage their incidents and customer service requests in a timely and professional manner.

Contacting customer service and timing their response is a good way to test this, and you can also read reviews online by other users to get a better idea of what kind of backup plan you are working with. Our advice is look for a backup provider that personally guarantees the protection of your data by holding themselves personally responsible for your data.

24/7 customer service and strict security protocols are what you should look for in your professional backup plan.

Choose your professional cloud backup plan

Getting the most out of your professional Cloud backup plan means making sure your provider excels in the top three most important aspect of Cloud backup. The right amount of space at the right price will get you the most out of your backup, and strict security will keep your data and your identity protected from malware and hackers.

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