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By RossBackup, Posted in Data Backup Tips

Regardless of your professional work or your personal hobbies, having a current backup of your information available at all times is crucial. Unfortunately, many people and businesses neglect to maintain regular online backup available. In fact, cloud backup statistics show that 31 percent of PC users have lost all of their files due to events beyond their control. The myriad dangers to your computer files highlight the need for efficient, quality back-up protocols.The problem with manual backup   ... read more.

By RossBackup, Posted in Data Backup Tips

Did you know that every minute on the Internet, more than 640 terabytes of data are transferred across the world? Advances in technology over the last several years have made this continuous flow of information not just possible but almost expected. Today, the demand for cloud-based storage services is at such an all-time high that many people and businesses are beginning to “back up” their personal and professional files as a preventative measure.However, what does “backing up” your... read more.

By RossBackup, Posted in Data Backup Tips

 After much contemplation, we’re excited to announce the launch of our very first contest. And it goes a little something like this… The Question: Why would you back up your files? The Task: Respond with a reason to back up your files, using our hashtag #Whybackup and tagging us @Rossbackup on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or all three. Sounds simple, right? That’s because it is. But (and there’s always a but) we are suckers for creativity. Therefore, the more cl... read more.

By RossBackup, Posted in Data Backup Tips

Did you know that 31 percent of PC users have lost all of their files due to events beyond their control, and further studies on data loss show that 93 percent of companies that lose their data center file for bankruptcy? Because people and companies rely on computers, phones, and tablets to complete work and other everyday tasks, it is increasingly important to safeguard your technology, and more importantly, your data. While there are many causes of data loss, here are the top three statistically-signific... read more.

By RossBackup, Posted in Data Backup Tips

You probably hear all the time that you should always back up all the files on your computer, cell phone, and any other technological device you have. However, backing up your computer is very much like eating all the vegetables on your plate – you definitely should do it for your own good, but you don’t. Underestimating the importance of your data and overestimating the strength of your computer’s hard drive could cause you to lose all your files without any backup plan. So how do yo... read more.

By RossBackup, Posted in Data Backup Tips

Imagine this. You are happily browsing the Internet or typing something on a document, when suddenly, your computer freezes and then blanks out to a blue screen. Or you’re commuting to work and you go to take your smartphone from your pocket, only to find out that you’ve just been pick pocketed and it’s no longer there. Sure, your loss phone or your computer’s hard drive failure isn’t the end of the world – but it sure feels like it. Below are some tips on how you can pro... read more.

By Aaron, Posted in Support

Customer Support. It’s something we all hope never to need, but when we do, it better be good. Millions of companies offer support, and each one proclaims that they are the best. Let’s look at all the options.1)    Outsourcing. It seems simple enough on paper. Instead of paying agents upwards of $40,000 a year, you can pay $5,000 for someone that lives out of the country.  The pros are obvious.  Lower overhead can translate into more competitive pricing for the customer.... read more.

By Aaron, Posted in RossBackup VIP

We’re in the digital age, of that there is no doubt. Whereas twenty years ago the quickest picture was from a Polaroid, practically everything these days is digital.  However, this makes organizing pictures that much more difficult.If you’re an average family, you take multiple shots when you see a good pose. Are your kids acting really cute? Is the cat eyeing the deli on the counter? Is it time for the birthday girl to walk in? We have our camera or phone ready, and we’re s... read more.

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