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Enter Our #WhyBackup Contest to Win iPad Minis and 1 Year of Free Cloud Storage

Enter Our #WhyBackup Contest to Win iPad Minis and 1 Year of Free Cloud Storage

By RossBackup (363 words) | Posted in Data Backup Tips on May 31, 2014

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After much contemplation, we’re excited to announce the launch of our very first contest. And it goes a little something like this…


The Question: Why would you back up your files?


The Task: Respond with a reason to back up your files, using our hashtag #Whybackup and tagging us @Rossbackup on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or all three.


Sounds simple, right? That’s because it is. But (and there’s always a but) we are suckers for creativity. Therefore, the more clever or original your response, the better your chances of winning.


The Prizes: We are giving away six iPad Minis (each of which comes with a year of free cloud storage for your devices) as well as a bunch of year-long backup subscriptions. The iPad winners will be announced each Monday, and the backup packages will be awarded sporadically throughout the month of June. In other words, June will be a prize frenzy, and only the strong will survive (just kidding). But really—you have plenty of chances to win.


Perhaps you’re thinking, ‘But I’m not witty enough to win an iPad.’ And to that we say: Nonsense!


So, to show you just how simple this contest is, here are a few examples:

  1. #WhyBackup? Because you can never have enough spur-of-the-moment videos of you and your friends.
  2. Because I can’t wait to embarrass my kids with childhood photos once they start dating. #WhyBackup
  3. #WhyBackup? Because there is no such thing as rewriting a research paper.
  4. Because I want to be the person who can access any file, any time…almost like a wizard. #WhyBackup
  5. #WhyBackup? Because my wife would lose her mind if we lost our family photos.
  6. Because I don’t have time to re-download 20,000 songs. #WhyBackup
  7. #WhyBackup? Because not backing up is like a leaving a treasure chest without a lock.


Contest Details:


Contest begins June 1 and ends June 30. Users may enter once a day for the entirety of June on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Users must use the hashtag #WhyBackup as well as tag @RossBackup in each response. 


Remember, the contest starts Monday, so you have all weekend to prepare. May the tweets be ever in your favor! Good luck! 

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