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5 Vital Files You Should Back Up Right Now

5 Vital Files You Should Back Up Right Now

By RossBackup (480 words) | Posted in Data Backup Tips on May 14, 2014

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You probably hear all the time that you should always back up all the files on your computer, cell phone, and any other technological device you have. However, backing up your computer is very much like eating all the vegetables on your plate – you definitely should do it for your own good, but you don’t. Underestimating the importance of your data and overestimating the strength of your computer’s hard drive could cause you to lose all your files without any backup plan. So how do you decide what to back up then? Though backing up your entire computer is the safest bet, here are the top 5 files you definitely need to back up:

1) Documents: This one is a no brainer, but at the risk of sounding redundant, your documents are probably the most important files on your hard drive, from health and financial records to journals and recipes. Save yourself the headache and backup those files before you find yourself frantically trying to replicate a report you had and lost on your computer.

2) Photos and videos: For most people whose computer crashed, the files they most want are their pictures and videos. You probably have thousands of pictures on your computer, in addition to the ones that you’ve accumulated on your phone. You don’t want years to go by and have no video evidence of your baby’s first steps or no photographs of your kid’s graduation.

3) Music: If you need any more motivation to backup these files, here’s another. For all you music lovers out there who have paid a lot of money to get all of your music, whether they’re albums you bought online or CD’s you copied onto your computer, trust me when I say this: you do not want to track down and pay for all those songs again.

4) Contacts: It can get quite annoying when you want to send your friend a text but you’ve lost the phone number, or you want to send a new business contact an email but you don’t have it. Make sure you safeguard your connections and backup all the phone numbers and email addresses on your phone and computer.

5) Calendar and to-do lists: The last thing you probably even think to backup are your schedules and lists, but how much do you rely on your calendar to remind you when your friends’ birthdays are or when you need to get your car inspected?

Of course, this is not a comprehensive list by any means. The files you backup will largely depend on what you have on your computer and which files matter to you the most. However, failing to regularly backup all your important documents could cost you a lot of time, money, and misery. Save yourself the stress and make sure you protect yourself from data loss with a reliable backup plan

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