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Backing up Data: The Need for Speed

Backing up Data: The Need for Speed

By RossBackup (447 words) | Posted in Data Backup Tips on June 20, 2014

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Regardless of your professional work or your personal hobbies, having a current backup of your information available at all times is crucial. Unfortunately, many people and businesses neglect to maintain regular online backup available. In fact, cloud backup statistics show that 31 percent of PC users have lost all of their files due to events beyond their control. The myriad dangers to your computer files highlight the need for efficient, quality back-up protocols.

The problem with manual backup                               

One major hurdle in backing up your data is speed. Backing up data can be time consuming, and can eat away at your precious time. In addition, even if you backup your data on-site, like on an external hard drive, your files are still not completely safe from damage or loss. In addition, most external hard drives have a data size limit, which means that once you run out of storage, you’ll have to purchase another one.

Even if you or your business does daily, weekly, or monthly backups, you’ll be paying money not only for the time of the backup supervisor, but for the energy, materials, and storage of that information. This adds up quickly for large businesses, where backups can take a number of hours, and off-site storage can get expensive. With a tape or disk-based system, a day’s worth of information may take up to an entire week to recover, and even then, the data may be corrupted, or changes may have been made rendering it completely inaccurate.

Cloud storage solutions

Want a solution to this data backup problem? Store your files in the cloud. Cloud storage is quickly becoming the top choice for backup and storage because of its security and ease of use. By having cloud backup, you’re able to perform an initial backup, and then schedule intermittent backups of your files automatically. Many cloud backup companies will be able to automatically detect file changes before the backup begins, selectively backing up only the files that have changed.

Since the backups are stored in the cloud, you are able to access your information anywhere there is WiFi, regardless if you’re on your smart phone, tablet, or desktop. For anyone who travels or works from home frequently, this accessibility is a great bonus. Therefore, storage solves a myriad of problems at once.  

Gone are the days of late night calls to IT techs about failed backup attempts. Backing up your information on the cloud also costs just a fraction of the price of a typical tape-based or disk-based back-up system. When it comes to having the quickest, easiest back-up protocol in place for your personal or business information, a cloud-based system should not be overlooked.


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