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Study Says Backing Up Your Phone Could Prevent A Real Anxiety Attack

Study Says Backing Up Your Phone Could Prevent A Real Anxiety Attack

By RossBackup (393 words) | Posted in Data Backup Tips on January 14, 2015

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We used to make fun of people who were glued to technology and had a hard time interacting with the real world. We're not laughing anymore, though. With the rise of smartphones since the end of the last decade, many of us have become that technology-obsessed person.

In fact, it has become so common that it's almost akin to a gambling or cocaine addiction. It's been proven many times that smartphones generate high levels of dopamine (the "happy chemicals") in our brains. It makes sense when you consider that the small things which bring us pleasure, like gaming and social interactions, are accessible in one spot.

Besides that, there's a rooted fear in people about the safety of their smartphones. There's such a large amount of sensitive, personal data on it compared to a normal phone that if anything were to happen or render the phone unusable, the user would have to build back their life one piece at a time. What would be an inconvenience at best on a normal phone can be traumatic for those who store documents, personal notes, and important banking information on their smartphone.

The easy solution? Backing up your phone. Should your device take a turn for the worst or go missing, your personal data will be safe and retrievable. Fortunately, smartphones make this easy. When you plug your smartphone into your computer, you have the option to sync all your phone's settings, apps, and data to it. You can also store it on a cloud network (we can't stress enough how beneficial this type of storage is).

To prevent others from taking information from your phone if it gets lost or stolen, make sure you set up a fairly complicated passcode. Create something that only you will remember. Certain phones also have the option to erase all your data if someone unsuccessfully attempts to unlock your phone too many times. As long as you have your data somewhere else, this is the best way to ensure that only you see your personal data.

When backing up your important data, keep it in more than one place. You don't keep all of your money under your mattress, right? We have plenty of plans to ensure the safety of your phone's data.

Want to find out more about keeping your assets safe? We'd love to chat about your options.

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