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Play It Safe: How to Keep Kids from Deleting Your Files

Play It Safe: How to Keep Kids from Deleting Your Files

By RossBackup (418 words) | Posted in Data Backup Tips on August 26, 2014

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Our computers hold data from nearly every aspect of our lives, from personal information to important business documents. Our hard drives hold our precious family memories, like photos of weddings, graduations, and family vacation trips. We keep our favorite music and our work files on our computers so that they are available at a moment's notice. 

With all of the data your computer holds, it is crucial that you take every available precaution when it comes to protecting it. Using a cloud backup service is a way to help keep files safe, particularly when you are sharing your devices with your family. It is particularly important to take special precaution when you have little children who can accidentally delete an important document without realizing it. 

For families that share one computer, it is important to set up separate user accounts for each member of the family. Older children may require their own account, while younger children can often share one account. Be sure to password protect each account with a unique password to keep prying eyes out of your personal information.

Although creating separate user accounts with different passwords for your family members is a relatively safe way to protect your information, perhaps the best way to keep your files safe from your kids is to use separate machines. This is a great option for those that are either given a laptop for work or that have the financial means to purchase separate computers. Consider designating an old, but still functional, machine for your kids and upgrade to a newer computer for yourself. Separate machines ensure that your kids will be unable to access, and subsequently delete, your important files (providing you have your computer and account password protected).

In addition to using personalized accounts, be sure to continuously backup to protect your data so that you still have a copy of your files in the event of accidental deletion. Storing your files on the cloud keeps your information secure and easily accessible anywhere from any location or machine that has Internet connection. You can also keep hard copies of your important information, like tax forms or medical records, but be sure to keep it in a secure place.

When it comes to your digital files, it is necessary to take special precautions to ensure their safety. Therefore, set guidelines for your children when they are using your devices and backup your data in order to avoid the stress and hassle of attempting to replace your files. 

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