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How Cloud Backup Works

How Cloud Backup Works

By RossBackup (468 words) | Posted in Data Backup Tips on August 13, 2015

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When people tell you that they backed up their computer to the Cloud, they never actually tell you where it goes. They’ll tell you about cloud backup, how easy it is to use, and how it gives you more flexibility while protecting you from viruses and identity theft, but they never tell you how it all works.

If you’re curious and want to learn how cloud backup works before you try it out, we’ve got answers for you. In a nutshell, cloud backup works through a series of servers and data centers that make it possible for you to access your information at anytime from anywhere.


If you remember what the old military computers looked like in the 1960s and 70s, then you know what a server looks like. This is where your data is stored.

Once you upload your information to the Cloud, whether it be business data, family photos, or just emails, it immediately goes to a series of servers housed in data centers all over the country. Every time you access your files, at home or on the go, you are pulling it from one or more of the thousands of servers dedicated to Cloud storage.

Data Centers

Data centers house the servers used by the Cloud. These spaces can range in size, from small spaces to huge facilities that span for blocks. Each of these data centers have their own power supplies in order to keep the servers up and running.

This protects the servers from overheating, crashing, or losing power during weather or electrical storms. Data centers are especially important because they protect the servers, which is necessary in order for people like you to feel comfortable uploading your valuable information to the Cloud.


Redundancy is the most important aspect of Cloud storage. Every time you upload information to the cloud, the servers automatically make a copy of it and store it. In fact, they make multiple copies and store it across more than one server.

This is what not only makes it possible for you to access your information literally anywhere you can connect to the Internet, it also protects your data from loss or threat. If one server happens to malfunction, data is not lost because it’s been copied and stored across multiple servers at once.

When you use cloud backup, your files are housed in a protected data center across thousands of highly protected servers, giving you the ability to access it whenever you want from wherever you are.

While floating information sounds surreal, the protection provided for you by these servers and their redundant tactics give you an extra level of security you would not be able to get through the malware protection and anti-virus programs on your own computer.

Interested in cloud backup? Download our cloud backup software and get an extra level of protection for your data.

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