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6 Ways Cloud Backup Will Serve as Your Business Safety Net

6 Ways Cloud Backup Will Serve as Your Business Safety Net

By RossBackup (1002 words) | Posted in Data Backup Tips on July 17, 2015

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If you aren’t using Cloud Backup yet, your risk for data loss and failure is growing exponentially every day. More than half of the successful businesses today have a separate budget for Cloud Security, and according to Forbes Magazine, this use is expected to grow another 35% by next year.

In order to catch up with the growing technological changes that require more and more collaboration and security protocols, you and your business will need to start taking advantage of Cloud Backup today. The Cloud will work for you on your terms, and you are in charge of how much data space you need and how you and your team can utilize it. Find out how you can make the Cloud serve as your safety net by reading the following.

1. Reduce Human Error

Humans make mistakes. Anyone on your team can download a virus, break a hard drive, or even lose a laptop. Reduce the risk and the loss that comes with human error by uploading all of your important information to the Cloud.

Not only is the cloud more reliable than a computer’s hard drive but it will also give your entire team access to the information wherever they have an internet connection. So even if one of your team members managed to misplace their business laptop at the airport, they can still make it to the morning and present the latest project by accessing the Cloud from their smart phone or tablet.

2. Create Multiple Copies

You can cater your Cloud Backup to your needs and give yourself and your work the data package it needs to perform. This kind of access to space gives you the opportunity to create multiple copies of important documents for extra protection.

Additionally, because the Cloud has its own layers of security, you can rest assured knowing that your multiple copies are protected by multiple layers of security. Depending on which security packages you invest in, you can control how much data you use and how much of which kind of security will benefit your business best.

3. More Centralized Security

With the Cloud, you have the opportunity to centralize all of your security policies into one convenient place – the Cloud. You will no longer need separate security and firewall programs for each individual office computer or laptop, and you don’t need to worry about ensuring your staff has installed all necessary security updates and patches individually.

All of your security needs are provided by and protected through the Cloud, and you (or your security staff) will be responsible for quickly updating all security protocols one time through the Cloud. These updates will translate to all computers and tech connected to the Cloud, thus keeping your and your clients’ information safe without any extra work or money spent on your part.

4. Reduce Internet Traffic

Using the Cloud as your safety net will not only make security easier but will also make your Internet data management easier. You will no longer have to work with your internet provider to find out how much internet you are using efficiently and how much is being used up by unwanted ads, applications, or website cookies. This is because all internet bandwidth within the Cloud is aggregated, meaning that it is automatically accessible by any computer with any data connection at any time.

This fluidity in connection and internet speed will stop unwanted internet traffic from slowing down your efficiency, and it will make it easier for your staff to connect on multiple devices from multiple locations without having to worry about the size or strength of their internet connection.

5. Concentrated Resources and Collaboration

When your business or your family uses the Cloud, saving information, files, even photographs and sharing them across platforms is easier than ever. You will no longer have to rely on jump drives or external hard drives to store and travel with information, and worrying about trying to send large files over email is a thing of the past.

You control who has access to your piece of the Cloud, and from there these individuals can access information from anywhere. Talk with clients across the globe, or send pictures of your latest family vacation to your friends as quickly as you take them. When you store your information the Cloud, it makes it easier for collaboration and group thinking, which can benefit your business and help it grow.

6. Save Money

Finally, as more and more businesses and individuals start using the Cloud to save space and stress, they are also starting to save more and more money. Not only does the standardization of Cloud Backup reduce your need for a tech support team in the office, it also concentrates all of your internet security needs into one place.

Additionally, with more large scale Cloud security becoming the norm for more and more businesses these days, it means lower prices for individual business owners. Much of Cloud Security is offered in a package deal that will protect you against hackers, viruses, malware, and cryptography among other things, and providing so many services in one big package stops you from having to buy each one individually.

Are you ready to use Cloud Backup?

The International Organization of Standardization (ISO) sets the security standards for the Cloud, meaning that its security protocols are the same across the globe. When one part of the Cloud’s firewall or other security services are updated, the entirety of the Cloud is updated. This means that your safety net is covered by the ISO security standards, giving you the best security possible at any given time.

Additionally, because the Cloud is used consistently at the international level, it undergoes regular security audits to insure that its procedures and protocols are working at their best. If you want a safety net that works this hard for you, consider investing in Cloud Backup today. 

Why Every Business Needs Cloud Backup for their Computer

Comments (1)

IVCi LLC posted on: January 7, 2021

When it comes to ways that businesses can manage their storage, the cloud is invaluable. Provided businesses have the capacity for it, especially as it relates to internet, it's a worthwhile investment.

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