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4 Big Computer Backup Benefits for Photographers

4 Big Computer Backup Benefits for Photographers

By RossBackup (1107 words) | Posted in Data Backup Tips on June 10, 2015

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Do you know the cardinal rule of photograph protection? In order to keep your images safe, you need to have 3 copies, on 3 different hard drives, with 1 of those drives stored offsite (which means outside of your home). And that goes for any photographer – pro or hobbyist, Mac or PC.

Data loss doesn’t discriminate, and you don’t want to be the one with the camera but nothing to show for it. Find out how your photography can benefit from computer backup and read the top 4 reasons why your photography needs to be protected.

Easy sharing with family, friends, and clients

One of the perks of living in a digital age is that our photographs are almost immortal. There are no more reels of film, and no more disposable cameras with one-shot action. Digital cameras mean digital pictures, which can be stored and shared across platforms and social media.

Whether you’re taking baby photos or editing wedding candids for a client, having a computer backup system in place will give you the chance to share them whenever and wherever you are working. If you travel for work, you can access and edit photos from home and then send them wherever your client happens to be for approval and payment.

And the extra bonus of computer backup? You are protecting your clients’ images from theft, and protecting yourself from copyright fraud simultaneously.

Protect your memories and your paycheck

Protecting your client’s photos and your own artistic credibility is a major reason why computer backup can benefit your photography. While you need to keep 3 copies of your photos for safe-keeping, finding a place to store all these images can be a hassle.

Memory cards have limited space, and external hard drives are bulky and hard to travel with. And you can’t always trus your own computer’s hard drive. Computer crashes are unpredictable, and without a backup system in place, you could lose everything in one fatal swoop.

To protect yourself, computer backup systems can store your photos on an offsite server, such as Cloud Storage, which will free up more space on your own computer as well as give you peace of mind. Even if data loss occurs – whether it’s on the camera or on the computer – you will know your images are safely stored offsite away from the present disaster.

Show off your work on-the-go

Computer backup not only means protection; it also means access. If you are a professional photographer, then you know that you can’t predict when and where new clients will present themselves. And in this age of social media, being able to show off your work whenever and as often as you can will make the difference between seizing new clients and missing out on the opportunity.

Accessing your portfolio on the go or out in the field is possible when you have a backup system in place. You will no longer be limited to your computer software or your camera, and since you aren’t always able to carry around a hard copy of your professional portfolio with you at all times, a quick and easy access to your digital collection will make all the difference.

Find the perfect plan for you

Don’t think you need backup because you aren’t professional? Don’t write yourself off yet! Even if you’re simply taking family photos during summer vacation, you’ll still want to protect those memories from data loss. Ross Backup offers a range of plans so that you can find the space and price that caters to your unique photography style.

You are in control of how much space you need and how you’ll use it, and you’ll never pay more for space you aren’t going to use. So asses your photography style and storage needs before committing to a backup plan.

Start protecting your work
Remember, whether you’re a professional photographer, an amateur hobbyist, or simply taking photos for fun, data loss doesn’t care. You can lose years’ worth of photos in a computer crash without any hope of getting them back. Protect your portfolio by investing in an affordable backup plan that will work with your style and your budget.

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