VIP Package
Sign Up for Ross Backup VIP Package
Backup 10 computers
All the features of the gold package
Share files with friends and family
Share any size file with anyone
Edit documents live from the cloud
Anywhere access with briefcase
Virtual hard drive lets you store
files from multiple computers
Access files from Android or Apple
devices with open access

The VIP Plan: Unlimited Storage for 10 computers

Get rid of your thumb drives, CD backups and external hard drives!

The VIP package includes a virtual drive which allows you to EDIT your files and folders remotely and then resync to your account. The best of online storage with working functionalities. You can also share and E-mail files of any size.


What Our Happy Customers Have to Say

The speed of RossBackup is just amazing! I backed up over 600 GB in under 1 week! Most impressive!

—Jeff Stanzer, Scranton, PA


I purchased a VIP package to keep my pictures organized. My kids and I have been using it non-stop and we are thrilled. Thank you!

—Rebecca Westin, Omaha, NE

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