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About Aaron Ross

About Aaron Ross

As a young boy in the early 80’s, Aaron Ross was fascinated by computers and what they had to offer. At the age of 10, Aaron was already programming in DOS and fixing other people’s computers. After graduating High School, he began working with people to help protect their children from the dangers of the internet.

At the same time, Aaron began taking courses and delving into the fascinating world of PC’s. After getting his ordination, Aaron began teaching a variety of subjects to 4th and 7th graders while focusing on computers at night.
As his reputation in computer and software support began to grow, Aaron began working with small businesses as an IT specialist. It was around this time that he became fascinated with the concept of backing up information. His first backup was to a 10 GB hard drive and it still took over 14 hours for the backup to complete.

After getting married, Aaron began focusing on cloud based computing and storage. However, his teaching job in the morning and afternoon IT jobs, kept cloud storage on the back burner. As his family grew, so did his data. Family pictures, videos, school projects, and over the next 9 years, Aaron found himself with over 2 TB of data. Although almost everything was backed up externally, he decided to see how cloud backup would work.

In 2010, Aaron signed up with a reputable online backup company, and set up all his information to go up to the cloud. With internet speeds creeping up, this seemed like the smartest way to back up his information. In April of 2011, a house fire destroyed Aaron’s house. Although thankfully Aaron and his family were OK, the computers and hard drives were all burnt. When Aaron went to see what information had been backed up to the cloud after 6 months, he found a few small files. Apparently, this “Fantastic” program only automatically backed up files smaller than 1 GB.

Aaron was so frustrated, he decided to create a backup program that would be simple, fast, and inexpensive. A few investors joined in, and RossBackup was born. After working with a few different developers, Aaron was ready to launch in BETA at the end of 2012. As the years have passed and the company has grown tremendously, Aaron has stayed very involved in the day to day operations. He loves taking support calls, and still believes that the customer is always right.

When not dealing with the company or teaching, Aaron can be found giving parenting and/or teaching classes.

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