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Cloud Storage vs External Hard Drives? Hidden Dangers of Portable Hard Drives

Cloud Storage vs External Hard Drives? Hidden Dangers of Portable Hard Drives

By RossBackup (463 words) | Posted in Common Sense on September 12, 2014

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A common reason people cite for not using a cloud storage system is that they already have an external hard drive that they use to backup necessary files. While having any method of backup is preferable to nothing at all, there are some definite disadvantages to using an external hard drive and if you are already investing time and money in the backup of your most important files, why not use a system that ensures you are able to easily access your data?

 External Hard Drives are Subject to Physical Damage

External hard drives are subject to break when damaged and when the hard drive is broken your information is gone. While it is possible to recover failed hard drives it is also incredibly costly. An external hard drive can be destroyed through a natural disaster such as fire, severe storms or a flood. Though manufacturers attempt to equip external hard drives with rugged exteriors, the fact is that simply dropping your external hard drive can result in the device breaking and your data disappearing with it. Many enjoy the portability of external hard drives but the more they are taken from place to place the higher the chance that an accident happens.

External Hard Drives can be Easily Lost or Stolen

Your privacy is one of your top priorities and keeping your personal data safe and secure is a large responsibility. Portability, as mentioned above, is one of the functions that people love about external hard drives, but it is also one of the hidden dangers of these devices. Your external hard drive becomes one more thing for you to misplace along with your car keys. Moreover, the ability to transport your hard drive from one location to the next gives thieves more opportunities to snag it.

 Why is Cloud Storage better than External Hard Drives?

Cloud storage cannot be damaged in the event of natural disasters and you do not need to carry a device with you to be able to access your information. When you use a cloud storage platform you can access your data from any location with internet access. Your personal information is protected through the use of passwords and encryption. Cloud storage platforms also offer redundancy, which means that your information is stored on multiple servers. This offers you additional protection in the event that your PC crashes.     

External hard drives are better than a complete absence of a backup system. However, why risk the dangers inherent to hard drives when cloud storage systems offer increased privacy, protection and accessibility? Sign up for our free cloud storage today and see for yourself how cloud technology can benefit you.

Comments (4)

Cloud Storage Matchup posted on: September 21, 2014

With all the recent hacks going on, there shouldn't be a blanket statement that cloud storage is better than local backups. Of course the value and benefits are there, but one should probably exercise judgment as to what to store in the cloud in the first place. Some personal and private things just should not be in the cloud.

Backing Up posted on: October 20, 2014

Great post! I've been doing a lot of research on this lately. Keep up the good work here!

Process Street posted on: February 7, 2015

Thank you for sharing this post! I would definitely not going back to external hard drives again.

Bo posted on: December 9, 2015

There is no reason I should trust big companies like MS, Google, Amazon, and others. Data Mining is also a popular word and and a reason they give you free cloud storage. Why do they want us there. They spy on you. I don´t care about their greedy money problems because I can survive without them. All this is about making us less free and it is the same with most social networks.

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